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අකුරු හීන - A journey to make a child's future brighter

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

AKURU HEENA, the first social service project for the year 2020 organized by the valiant members and volunteers of our organisation's Kurunegala branch, successfully concluded on the 29th of August 2020. The main purpose behind AKURU HEENA was to execute a project that will both be sustainable and worthwhile under the sustainable development goal of quality education and literacy.

The members of the organisation were able to raise sufficient funds through the collection of donations and were able to provide past paper books, study material and other essential stationary items for the young and eager minds at the Pieris Children's Home at Kadahapala and the Sripathi Boy's and Girl's Orphanages at Diyakalamulla.

Not only were the members successful in taking steps to make the future of the kids at the orphanages brighter, they were also able brighten up their faces and make all of the kids smile, laugh and have a quality time with the members with the fun games and activities that were conducted by them.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone is the gift of knowledge and the best medicine you can give to someone is the joy of laughter and happiness. Everyone deserves a chance at having a quality education despite the roots of education being bitter, the fruit is sweet.

The organisation would also like to express its gratitude towards each and every single individual who made a contribution to bring smiles to the kids at Pieris Children's Home and the Sripathi Boy's and Girl's Orphanages and aid them to secure and brighten their future.

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