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I Trust You, I Trust You Not

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

"Don't trust anything with an unknown future? The first step is exactly that; Trust"

The very effort of this particular bunch of articles is indeed, to convince the very few who trusts and believe, to trust us. To trust the upcoming generation and to trust the solutions and the ideas that which have been given by the youth, in this case the writers of these very articles, who happen to range from the transitional and the tumultuous ages of 16 till 22. The tumultuous ages is a statement that is often repeated and in fact, stands true. The ages when a certain human is achieving maturity and also an understanding of the world, in fact, the age that which the youth aren’t considered to be that much of “ Children” anymore are these years. Yet, the very problem that many have regarding these years, or days, or even taking a very simple outlook at the many memes that float around the internet, it is evident that much of the parents, especially in the context of Sri Lanka, are tightly bound to the culture that spans 2500 years, and are afraid to even commit small mistake in teaching one’s kids because they have all that they want and are yet irresponsible, because in their times they had nothing and had to trek along a few miles to get to their schools and such.

The very, very, very simple truth is that, indeed the times, have changed. But honestly, how many times has a kid has been scolded because of pointing out the very fact that their own parents didn’t even go to school and obviously, in the future, our own children will probably be teleported to school? The possibilities are huge and it isn’t the 1970s. We have our own problems.

A very saddening fact is that, the parents and the whole entourage which probably consists of your “judgy” aunties and drunk uncles and even that nosy aunty next door seems to hang on, and hang on to you, your life and how you are doing in all aspects, subjects ranging from your outfit choice to your education to dating to that random kid who they are absolutely sure that is in your school and repeatedly keeping on asking whether you know him/her, all of them will never, ever trust you. Probably never will, according to where your life is heading. They all do claim that it’s the best that they want for you, but honestly aunty, can’t relate to that. It is very sweet and you don’t want to refuse them, honestly no. But when and how long does it take to accept the fact that you are not a child anymore? That now you are an almost-legal/legal adult? I mean, the United Nations declared this for a reason, did they not?

The attempts that we take, fueled by our own hormones and impulses that seem to double during these ages aren’t really applicable to many, including efforts like this, where the youth tries to take control and solve problems, even in a small sense that is applicable to the legislature and the legal code of Sri Lanka, hoping that we might get the attention of the ruling entities and that in our attempt to do so, we’d be noticed as successful. But first, do trust us. Let us take charge, make use of the strength and let us make our own mistakes, for you made yours and have learned, from them.

This is the very situation that is there to be seen in the people’s and the public’s representatives as well. The parliament , proudly standing atop the middle of the Diyawanna lake, boasting of a legacy which was carries in the hands and on the shoulders of the vigour of the people who were young, who had a certain sense of patriotism towards one’s own country, since the times of the invasion of the Portugese, It has been these who had been taking the responsibility of leading the revolution and the change which is needed for every citizen to clear out their thoughts and eyes and mind and to become for the better. This trust that the people put within these war heroes, warriors and every other agent of change for the better has in fact, affected them, the results of which we can see to this day.

Yet, as of the present situation, more than 60% of the MPs are over 50 years of age. And also, with the goal of making the Gender Inequality come true and making at least half of the parliamentarians female, the much less achievable goal is in fact, making the youth gets represented, and represented by those whom are with intellect that can appeal to ages of all who reside within Sri Lanka as citizens. The very fact that this isn’t being exercised today is living proof as to the level of trust that is indeed, given to the generation as a whole.

Such that, it is indeed important for the trust, to be established, not as an agent or a carrier between the generations, but to be used as a mechanism of truth and governance as well. Once it is implemented, which would have a long way to go, because the trustee or the trusted party needs to be deserving of the trust, as well as to be able to withstand that trust, for as long as innovation is welcomed to make the circumstances better.

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