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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Pioneers Youth is a Non-Governmental Organization launched in order to empower the youth in Sri Lanka by creating a Youth Platform to Foster, Empower & Embrace. The initiative is backed by our desire to also achieve Sustainable Development in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization. As such we have set out to perform a number of social service projects, awareness and educational programmes. Our organization will also provide the youth with a family that will be with them every step of the way in their journey to greatness, as we believe that in everyone lies unrealized potential for good.

On the other hand, understanding that Sri Lanka lacks a sufficient platform that allows the youth to express their ideas in a manner that suits them, Pioneers Youth makes up for that deficiency by not only presenting the youth with a platform that enables them to express their views about many topics but also facilitating youth participation from all walks of life including different ethnicities, religions, cultures and languages. We have already set this into motion by organizing ‘Pioneers EXPO’, Sri Lanka’s First Youth Conference on Sustainable Development, both 2017 and 2018, where school students were encouraged to talk about the issues prevalent within Sri Lanka and in 2018 particularly, we enabled the participants to use various modes of presenting their ideas and solutions that made the discussion even livelier. We hope to continue this great endeavor this year as well with the inclusion of all youth, particularly those in universities. Thus, even through Pioneers EXPO alone, our vision for the future can be seen.

Pioneers EXPO Closing Ceremony 2018
Pioneers EXPO 2018 - Closing Ceremony

Furthermore, through our future endeavors we look forward to widen the scope of youth involvement in Sri Lanka regarding any and all aspects, while empowering them with skills of innovation and inspiring them to play a profound role in all aspects of Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka.

Within the framework given to us, we hope to do our best not only in empowering the youth of Sri Lanka and giving them a voice but also to ensure the continuance of Mother Sri Lanka as a great nation for many years to come.

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