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The worth of loving yourself

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

“Is it okay to care for yourself and not feel guilty?”

I ask myself this question every single day. When I seek answers to this, there is a vague feeling. Sometimes I think “this should be easy; how hard could it get?” but it certainly is not. We tend to get hard on ourselves which we may not deserve. The purest and most important relationship in our lives is with ourselves.

The stories behind many fake smiles are unknown. A story that speaks of one’s personality, a story that completes a person, a story that defines a life. These unheard and unsaid stories are inspiring and of course, hard to face. Every other person faces trauma in their lives. A trauma they might not be confident sharing.

Different stories of different persona…that’s what I believed hearing some stories over the years. But what might be the thing is that people tend to harm themselves and underestimate their self-compassion. It’s not easy to wake up every day with the same feeling and the same energy. We may not feel like getting up from our bed, making the bed, and doing the rest of the work. Honestly, all of that is okay. What matters the most is you are trying to put effort to bring out the best in yourself.

Over the past few years, I have learned that growing up with not enough acceptance and constant lectures on how you “failed” to make everyone proud makes our confidence fade away. However, whatever you do to keep yourself happy, matters the most.

Every moment you spend doing nothing, you realize you are moving away from perfection. “Perfection” that’s what everyone thinks they need in life. When we don’t find any form of perfectionism, we punish ourselves. Acknowledging what is good; what is beyond perfectionism, is the key. Self-compassion leads to a better choice in life.

People who try hard to surpass themselves and grasp “perfection” strive for the love they need the most. Not only love and respect but also self-compassion is what we need. We have to learn to listen to ourselves. The only truth we know is how compassionate we are, and how far can we go to prove the best version of ourselves.

The worth of loving yourself is really blissful.

It surely isn’t that hard.

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