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Netflix is a Waste of Time!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Motivation is that thing in the back of your mind that drives you and pushes you no matter the odds against you. Motivation is the push behind each and every one of your achievements. Be it writing that essay that’s due on Monday, to clean your room before the new year or to start studying for your exams that’s right around the corner; the reasons you give yourself to why you must do a certain task and accomplish it.

Motivation is a bit of a tricky subject to talk about since its way of influencing people varies. You have to find the best approach for you to get motivated. You can watch 100 motivational videos, movies, speeches and read as many articles and blogs as possible but still not be motivated if you are just lazy and aren’t ready to commit to achieve your goals. So if you want to start fresh on your journey towards being motivated to achieve what you want in life, I hope this blog helps.

No important goal is going to be achieved in a small amount of time, so what you require is a motive for action, to regularly work on that goal in the form of a habit.

I too have been where you are, struggling to find motivation. I read motivational blogs and watched motivational videos but still couldn’t find motivation that lasted for at least a few days. After doing some research on this subject, I realized how powerful our habits can be. I am not an expert, but I can share some of the things I’ve picked on within these few years that really helped me out and resulted positively.

1. Netflix is just a waste of time

Yes, you heard it right. I too binge watched those old TV series and movies all week long without a care in the world. I’m not telling you to quit watching Netflix but be SELECTIVE with what you choose to watch. Don’t just watch that movie or show just because it’s trending, or the guy is hot. Do some research, read some reviews and see whether it’s actually worth your time. Try to watch stuff that are related to your subject area, passions and hobbies. For an example if you are interested in the field of law and thinking about following a career as a lawyer, watch Suits or Law and Order. Not only does it entertain you, but it also gives you the insight to the industry you plan on following as well.

Another thing.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but delete and stop watching those documentaries on serial killers. It just disturbs your mind and messes with your thoughts. Plus, it’s just a huge waste of your time. I understand you guys are bored at home all thanks to Covid-19, but whether you like it or not this is going to be the new norm, right? It’s up to you to make something of it.

2. TEDx Talks aren’t overrated, you can actually learn something from them

Let me clear the air for you. TED talks are not overrated. When I first started looking for motivation, TED talks were a lot of help. Listening to someone talking about their bad experiences and how or what they did to overcome it for fifteen minutes might not be your thing but do give this a try. First, find out the topics that interest you and shift it to the subject of what you want to develop in yourself. For example, if you feel like you lack confidence, watch TED talks on how to gain confidence, try them out and see what works for you. Be consistent, and you will see results. Ted talks are informative and enlightening, and you can learn a great deal from them.

And a quick tip, if the speaker is boring or has an accent you can‘t understand just skip that video and move onto the next video. XD

3. Time to Clean up Your Social Media

You’ve probably seen this in almost every motivational blog but let me tell you, this is quite effective. I too used to spend hours on Instagram watching cute puppy videos, mukbang, fashion hauls and whatnot. Did you know that we use an average of 6-9 hours of Social media per day? So why not make it a place where we get something positive out of it. Start by unfollowing those models who present unrealistic body standards. Unfollow those “friends”, singers, actresses, influencers, tiktokers etc. you don’t even know much about, only leaving the people you truly admire, look up to and aspire to be like. Unfollow those pages you don’t like or care about. Start following people who have actually built something of their own, motivational personalities like Simon Sinek, Tim Ferris and Gary Vaynerchuk. Then when you scroll through social media you are exposed to a form of daily motivation without even putting much effort into it. Clever, huh?

4. Be Active

I know that you guys need motivation to be active. By “be active”, I’m asking you to get out of your room. Walk. Go to a friend’s house. Dance. Have a karaoke night with your family. I know we have to limit our social activities due to the current pandemic but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Take all the precautions. Play a sport with your siblings. Cook. Volunteer. Keep yourself busy by doing something productive. When you are being active, it is easier to push yourself and motivate yourself to do more. If you cannot even get out of your bed, it would be so much more difficult to motivate yourself to do bigger things.

5. Self-love and Self-care

You may feel like applying some sunscreen before heading out or drinking those 3 liters of water you’re supposed to drink is a burden, but these are the tiny forms of self-love you start getting used to once you’ve started doing them. Your appearance makes you feel good and you are automatically creating a sense of confidence, pride and comfortability within yourself. Little things do matter. Self-caring leads to self-love, and self-love leads to self-awareness. When we are self-aware, we have the courage to recognize our flaws and take the steps needed to improve upon them. See the connection? Good habits lead to a sustainable motivation. They encourage you to be consistent, and consistency is the key to success.

I‘m gonna conclude this blog article with these final words:

Habits are powerful.

“No important goal is going to be achieved in a small amount of time, so what you require is a motive for action, to regularly work on that goal in the form of a habit. “

Now take a look at yourself. What are those habits you need to get rid of, you need to practice to create the life you envision for yourself? Make a list. Give priority and Start today!

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