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We have been conducting research and studies in South Asia for decades, which is reflected in these insightful publications as a result of our volunteers' continuous dedication to the cause. The publications we publish address education in South Asia from a variety of perspectives and other diverse contemporary issues faced by the region. 

Abdul Sattar Edhi

South Asia holds a rich history marked by diverse personalities, multivalent ideals, and a vibrant tapestry of creative expressions. From visionary thinkers to influential artists, the region's cultural legacy is a testament to the dynamic interplay of ideas and creativity.
Trilogy, an inspired initiative, leads a captivating exploration into South Asia's diverse realms. Fueled by passionate volunteers, it facilitates a profound exchange of knowledge and experiences, transcending borders in a region defined by diverse personalities, multivalent ideals, and vibrant creativity.
In this booklet, Trilogy's lens spotlights Abdul Sattar, a philanthropist, delving into his distinctive approach and philanthropic journey.

Food Insecurity and Nutritional Gap in South Asia

The Idea Bank is the research core of Pioneers Youth. From panel discussions, handbooks, and competitions to reading nights and movie nights, the Idea Bank strives to educate volunteers and spread awareness on pressing issues related to the South Asian region by giving the youth of South Asia a platform to voice their thoughts, opinions, and most importantly,solutions.

Through Pionera, the Idea Bank aimed to create awareness by demonstrating the extent of the food insecurity & nutritional gap in the South Asian region. We thank each and every participant for their effortsvthat made this project a success.

Pionera '23 - Political Illiteracy in South Asia

Pionera organized by the Idea Bank aimed to create awareness by demonstrating the extent of political illiteracy in the South Asian region. The output of the project involved a preparation of a research paper concerning member South Asian countries of Pioneers Youth.

The research paper identifies causes of Political Illiteracy and providing progressive steps that can be taken to minimize such causes.

Karachchi: An Economic Region - Trilogy

South Asia brings to mind conflicting images of the glamour of Bollywood and abject poverty. Yet, this vast geographical terrain has a long history of multivalent religious ideals, diverse creative expressions, socio-cultural aspects and its own unique blends of culture.

Trilogy is a project that dives into the rich history, culture and developments of some of South Asia's most exotic regions, engaging volunteers who share a common passion to explore new places and exchange valuable knowledge and experiences.

In this booklet, we dive into the economy of Karachchi in Pakistan.

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