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Innovation and Iron Man

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Everyone is quite familiar with the famous inventor and billionaire Mr. Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. His determination and motivation to invent new things for the evolution of humankind are admirable. Still, he had a crew to support him through thick and thin.

Innovation starts when you share your ideas with the community you are in and innovate more. Similarly, as we innovate things in our life, we can also innovate qualities and talents.

Being an inventor seems hard at first but if we take Thomas Alva Edison who failed 99 times until he discovered the light bulb at the 100th time. The secret here is patience.

People who support and help us with our ideas and research in the community we live in creates innovation.

Run into the unknown, unleash your wildest ideas, and you will never know if you become the next Edison.

A community of innovators creates an innovative community where ideas can be exchanged freely. This creates more openness and a clear mind, as well as a path to patience. Innovation keeps our society progressing forward, but sometimes we all get caught up in competition and forget why we invent new things.

But as youth in society, we embrace this quite naturally. Still, we need to also think about the motives of these innovations. Some can cause destruction, some can make life easy, so it's our choice to make the right decision.

There are some pros and cons of innovations that should be considered,

Advantages of Innovation

  • Makes life efficient, productive, and saves time.

  • Build a collaborative community.

  • Provides an opportunity to showcase talents and abilities.

  • Creates new job opportunities.

  • Ensures the growth of a complex and modern society with technology.

Disadvantages of Innovation

  • Expensive and mostly not affordable.

  • Becomes a distraction and an addiction at times.

  • It can be misused. For example – nuclear missiles .

  • Creates extreme competition within inventors, which can cause issues within companies.

Being innovative means not just being a tech genius. It can even be a new talent or a way of thinking. It all begins within you. The people around you, the community, are there to provide the necessary measures for you to develop and succeed. Still, the first step towards innovation is your decision to innovate and expand your inner creativity and unleash the iron man in you.

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