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Political Illiteracy in South Asia

Pioneers Youth's Board of Directors endorsed 'Political Illiteracy in South Asia' as the month's monthly theme for January 2023. Most people in South Asian countries have little understanding of global politics and aren't aware of the happenings in their own countries. Due to a lack of knowledge, people in South Asia tend not to question the existing political scenarios, thereby creating troubled situations as uneducated leaders rise to power. An educated and informed electorate produces a sound government. The increasing number of uneducated and uninformed voters decreases the average, resulting in a more inefficient government. Hence, Idea Bank and the Department of Creative Engagement of Pioneers Youth plan to undertake some significant initiatives to spread political literacy throughout the region.

South Asian Forum by the Department of Creative Engagement

Topic: Translating political literacy into the minds of youth.

The objective of this topic is to figure out to what extent South Asian countries have managed to progress on this topic. During the first phase, the discussion will be further divided into finding,

In what ways is political literacy introduced in a nation?

Who benefits from such measures?

The problems plaguing political literacy

In the second phase, volunteers would be advised that the end product, the resolution paper, should be designed in a way that the resolution paper would address each South Asian country, such as Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This forum is primarily intended to educate the youth within and outside the organization about the politics of South Asian countries.

Pionera by the Idea Bank

Topic: To facilitate dialogue among youth about political illiteracy in South Asia and encourage them to spread political literacy across the region.

Through the project, volunteers will have the opportunity to investigate the political situations in their home country and other South Asian nations, as each project group will include volunteers from multiple countries. Groups of three volunteers each will be assigned a South Asian country, and they will have four weeks to write a research paper on the topic with relevance to the country assigned to them. Additionally, they will need to deliver a 10-minute presentation on the topic relevant to their country. Once the presentations have been completed and the research papers have been marked, the group leaders of each group will come together to combine their research papers and compile them into one academic research article that will be posted as a publication on the Pioneers Youth website. Pionera is a project that aims to improve political literacy in South Asia by facilitating a discussion on this issue among youth. This project enables its participants to learn essential skills like presenting, researching, and writing so they can be more effective at school, university, and work.

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