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South Asian Journal on Education - SAJE

Pioneers Youth to Launch Groundbreaking Education Journal – SAJE

The prominent Sri Lankan youth organization Pioneers Youth has announced plans to publish an innovative new journal focused on education across South Asia titled SAJE - South Asian Journal on Education.

Pioneers Youth is widely recognized as a pioneering youth-centric organization that empowers young change-makers through impactful programs centered around activism, volunteerism, and social reform. The upcoming SAJE journal represents a major achievement for Pioneers Youth and will offer an indispensable platform to broaden discourse, share research, and shape policy around the evolving education landscape in South Asia.

The biannual journal's inaugural issue is set for publication in May 2024 with the leading theme of "Education: Development in Quality of Education in South Asia." Original articles will be contributed by academics, experts, professionals, and Pioneers Youth's own volunteers to provide multifaceted insights on issues influencing education in the region.

SAJE aims to catalyze productive discussions, ideation, and knowledge exchange to better inform South Asian education practices, systems, and legislation. This pioneering journal ushers in an exciting new chapter for Pioneers Youth, providing a formal avenue to consolidate research and engage youth voices in solution-oriented dialogue.

As SAJE's launch approaches, Pioneers Youth warmly invites interested writers, partners, education professionals, policymakers, and supporters to get involved in this impactful knowledge-sharing initiative. Collaborating with SAJE represents a valuable opportunity to help shape the landscape of education in South Asia through research, discourse, and showcasing innovative approaches.

SAJE welcomes research articles and papers from diverse scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders to spotlight innovations that can shape the landscape of education in South Asia and propel it to new heights. Contributions may cover but, are not limited to, topics on educational access, pedagogy, technology, administration, legislation, and more from various levels – primary, secondary, tertiary, and TVET.

Submissions are open until February 12, 2024, at 11:59 PM IST. Authors must email articles to along with their details, including name, region, contact information, organizational affiliation, qualifications, etc. Additional submission guidelines are available at

The SAJE 2024 edition promises an enriching knowledge-sharing experience underpinned by Pioneers Youth’s commitment to engaging youth voices. Queries may be directed to:

- Saif Ur Rehman: +92 3334982891

- Sahil Gupta: +91 7858077500

- Manuja Wijesuriya: +94 761165443

We look forward to broad participation in this inaugural journal as SAJE sets the stage to advance education dialogue. Join the journey of educational excellence – submit to SAJE 2024 today!


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