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Right to Education

Education is not a privilege; it is a human right and indispensable for the exercise of other human rights. However, the picture is very different in South Asian countries.

The Pioneers Youth Board of Directors endorsed the 'Right to Education in South Asia' as the monthly theme for June 2023. The poor quality of education in South Asia, as reflected in low learning levels, traps many of its young people in poverty and prevents faster economic growth and more broadly shared prosperity.

Hence, the Idea Bank, the Department of Creative Engagement, and the South Asian Reformation Council at Pioneers Youth plan to undertake some substantial initiatives to spread the right to education throughout the region.

Open Mic session by the South Asian Reformation Council

Topic: Right to Education in South Asia

This project aims to have a profound discussion about education in South Asia. All PY volunteers are encouraged to speak up, share their thoughts, verbalize the issue, and come up with possible solutions. The Secretariat will meet and discuss the aspects raised during the Open Mic Session, deciding on the aspects to be addressed by SARC.

Volunteers can pick between two councils

1. Legal Council

2. Social and Humanitarian Council

The Secretariat will launch a poll to seek feedback from volunteers and the general public. By the end of phase two, the findings would be presented to the volunteers to provide a common ground for the participants to reconcile concerning the topic at hand.

Handbook by the Idea Bank

Topic: Quality Education in South Asia

This guidebook will address quality education in South Asia, identify challenges related to it, and propose realistic solutions. It will further examine the history of education in the South Asian region, its current situation, and hopes for the future. Given the educational objective of Pioneers Youth, the handbook is aimed at serving as a guide when executing educational-based programs.

Infographics by the Idea Bank

Topic: Right to Education in South Asia

This handbook will explore the right to education and serve as a resource for other instructional materials. Additionally, it is to examine the obstacles people face in exercising their right to education and the steps taken to assist them.

Trilogy by the Department of Creative Engagement

Topic: Historical Developments and the technological advancements of South Asia

This research will go deeper into the technology and advancements produced in South Asian countries that were previously unknown. Three teams, each containing four volunteers, will be given a country at random. The category for the months of June and July will be technological progress, and the volunteers will be requested to research the given category with respect to the country.

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