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සන්නස 2019 Successfully Concluded

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

"If not us, who? If not now, when?" said Abraham Lincoln, an extraordinary political figure in history.

Taking those words to heart we, at Pioneers Youth, took the initiative of organizing the first ever digital presentation debate in Sri Lanka. සන්නස 2019 was woven around the concept of enriching the political culture of our society through the youth by evoking a discussion on the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The event commenced on the 7th of September 2019, 41 years after its implementation in Sri Lanka in 1978.

Pioneers Youth, being a platform to empower, to foster and embrace change for the youth, proudly state that සන්නස 2019 efficaciously sparked debate and discussion among our enthusiastic participants which we believe engrained a desire in the minds of these bright students to change and to bring that change from within.

සන්නස 2019 brought light upon the fact that Sri Lanka is in dire need for a drastic change in our  political culture and the way in which we formulate our political opinions. Not only did September 7th mark the success of සන්නස 2019, it became the day we launched the YouTube Channel of Pioneers Youth "PitaKotuwa".

"PitaKotuwa" serves to be the platform for our organization to reach out to you, to the society and to our entire country without any frames or cages of restraint. Our YouTube channel aspires to lead Sri Lanka into a better and more sustainable future through our videos and documentations.

Most importantly we would like to thank the chief guests for our event Mrs.Sandya Wijaybandara, Mrs. Buddhika Pathiraja and Mr. Jagath Welawatta for their enlightening and honourable presence, as well as the participants who proved that change is in the making.

The Debating Society of Nalanda College won the Best Political Party Award, while Keshawa Sasmitha of Nalanda College was awarded with the Best Representative Award. The Debating Society of Royal College was awarded with the Best Presentation Award.

We believe that සන්නස 2019 most definitely took the world by storm on the 7th of September.

"In our hands, therefore, lie the future progress and prosperity of Sri Lanka.

Let us march forward together with determination and confidence"

-S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike

- Pioneers Youth අපි

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