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සන්නස 2019 - Sannasa 2019

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Sri Lanka's First Youth Forum on our Nation's Constitution

Have you ever thought that you can be a better policy maker than the government? If so be brave, be bold, be a part of සන්නස. An event just for the inner policymaker in you

The organization has become aware that there is a defined lack of awareness in the youth about the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, which forms the backbone of the Sri Lankan political system and is waived off even by some politicians themselves. As the youth are an instrumental part in the progress of the country and will eventually one day become its leaders, we have recognized the need to make them aware of such an integral part of what makes our country a sovereignty.

Therefore, the Pioneers Youth Organization proposes to conduct a workshop in order to build up youth awareness on what forms the backbone of Sri Lankan politics while engaging them in an interactive session that will stimulate their young minds and further their interest in the field. The event will be held under the objectives of the organization, to widen the scope of youth involvement in Sri Lanka regarding any and all aspects and to strengthen the capacity of the youth to act on National concerns and to bring together their opinions and innovative ideas.

We plan to hold the event later in the year 2019, around the month of September at the Lakshman Kadiragamar Institute with the participation of about 100 students from schools in the Western province. The event is will be a full day programme in order to cover all the necessary important topics regarding the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

We hope to provide the participants with the necessary basic knowledge in order to make informed decisions both as youngsters in the country and as the responsible adults they will one day become. Through this endeavor not only do we hope to bring awareness to the youth but also to engage them in a field that many of them show little interest in or a field that many know little and some, nothing about.

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